Wednesday, November 22, 2006

To love or to be loved

- To love
because it takes a lot for me to give my heart to someone...
or ...
maybe because i know i am already very lovable.. haha
Agree! Both part haha *yey..I am lovable....fell of my chair

- To love
you can't force other ppl to love you so it has to start from you
though it's good to be loved :(
Start from oneself!! Cool. Make things happen rather than wait for it to happen :)

I want to have the ability to love ppl,
they might not love me back, but it's okie,
and if u talk abt r/s [ref: relationship],
there's never a balance.. it's always titled,
just depends on how much
It hurts when they don't love in return, but better love and lost than nothing at all.

- To be loved
soalnya kalo to love tapi ga ada respon, kita sakit atiii...
kaloo be loved,
kita seneng, ada yang merhatiin,
ada yang care
[coz if loved but no respond, it's heartbreaking. If 'be loved', we'd feel delighted, there's someone who pay attention and care about me]
But what if we were the ones who don't love them in return, isn't it heartwrenching for them too?

mending [prefer to] be loved deh... in that way, i know that i have been loved and i can give my love back in return
Live life to the fullest. Appreciate and cherish what you have :)

dicintai orang, dan kamu menjadi pusat dari jaga rayanya, akan terasa lebih indah
[to be loved. And you're the central of his universe, everything will be much more beautiful]
Actually both are impt for me, If I have to choose one... I will get loved to someone.
because, If someone like me, I could love her^^;
Learn to love in return? Will it be that easy?

Me? well... I received this question a few times some time ago.
And I forgot what was my respond back then.
In life, I prefer to give than to take.. *altho I dun mind to be the receiving end AT times*
So, maybe I'd be happy to love as **ar** puts it nicely up there. I'm not the kind who love easily, but I do CARE.

Yes...I do acknowledge the pain when love doesn't reciprocate... or when it does reciprocate but someway somehow things just deter them from uniting.
Still, the best is to love and be loved in return. But when it doesn't... I'd prefer to Love.

Hm... so If I chose to love, and he chose to be loved to love back... does it make sense? ^^

What's your stand?

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pps: Thanks for sharing guys!

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