Monday, November 27, 2006

reminiscing my International Congress

It's almost 3 months away, but I still miss my International Congress in Poland deeply.

Miss the kia-su mode just right before break or meal time *we would get ready at the back of the plenary to avoid long queue..hihi
Miss the lunch and dinner queue *altho we're the first few but still...
Miss the silly jokes we shared about the rice *its Gigantic and tasteless!
Miss those tons of 'Good Morning' *500plus representatives from 95 countries, why not?
Miss the stupid room-party *reminds me of those steamed-crab faces
Miss the late-night parties and dances *never been to so many parties before
Miss the 'rescue team in action' *Thanks guys!
Miss the hugz *aih aih...
Miss storming into your rooms and bug you guys *haha...sowi yar
Miss sharing late night stories *ahh roomie, how are you doing there?
Miss those potatoes, bread and meat *not too much of everything ok
Miss those night walk to the mart at the petrol station just to buy some snacks *hiks hiks
Miss gettin to know another friend *and some grat pick-up lines
Miss the freezing cold windy weather *and how the three of us trembled all the way to the plenary
Miss walking to the water depot and talking rubbish *remember dear?
Miss those random crazy shots *yeah, Diana the camera girl
Miss doing rollcall every morning *from English to Chinese to Malay to Hokkian
Miss singing karaoke during our trip back to the dorm after Gala Dinner *cmon bebe, we're the Idols
Miss teasing the others *wakaka
Miss learning new languages *and ended up learning the wrong language
Miss seeing you in each and every session *wink wink where are u?
Miss calling you Pha-Bo ^^'
Miss poking u while you're day-dreaming *hehe pizz ar
Miss my new nickname 'Daniel' *from all nicknames...why Daniel you wonder?
Miss working in groups *and see how these people and irritating too
Miss those Chocolate bars during break *and store a few more inside my bag - provision
Miss the yummy ice-cream *wat else can I say?
Miss sharing my food *sharing is caring...that's what I learn hehe
Miss sharing the umbrella during the rain *haha...she's such a sweet girl
Miss those sweet lil gestures *aihh...
Miss your warm smile, dear angel!

and ...

I miss missing you

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