Thursday, November 16, 2006

Four years ago, I had a bet with my hi-skool teacher. A teacher that I used to dislike, but ever since my exchange trip to Japan with him as the supervisor and organizer, I learned to know him more and we became friends. But this is not the point... *hihi

I was complaining to him about how I was so unprepared for my Unified Chinese Exam [UEC - equivalent to A level] when out of the blue he said, "If you scored more than 5As, I'll treat you in a nice restaurant." I was too pessimistic that I negotiated for 3As.

A big NO was thrown on my face *wakaka

In the end, I scored more than that. But the treat hasn't been realized till now. I am fine with that as his trust over me is much more precious than a nice meal. I guess I was LUCKY, considering I went for a Genting trip a month before the exam to support my friend's singing competition [while my classmates started studying since the beginning of the year].

It happened again, one night in February when I was checking my email. I received an offer from NTU *yeay* and it was for my first choice of faculty *yeay yeay*. I guess I was darn LUCKY that I got what I want.

But then again, I don't consider myself LUCKY just because of the big big things that happened, are happening, happens and will happen in my life.

The sweet small little things do brighten my life.

MSN chatting:
Ah...Test gue besok, doain ya! [My test is tomorrow. Pray for me yar :)]

when you need someone ...
to be there for you ...
I will just sit ...
right beside you!

my AIESEC sugarcubes that never fail to bring back my smile:
"... you always wake me up haha. ... stay in the same room with you is just like a family"
"... Really admire your passion, good spirit and great sense of fun!"

The endless support and encouragement that I receive. From JIA YOU, All the best, Take care, Aza aza fighting, you can do it, G'luck ya, pasti aku doain, and so on and on.

From smiles, taps on my shoulder, listening ears, hugs, hands that ready to lift me up, ...


Ahh..and you know what? I am GRATEFUL that I have my angels looking after me ^.*

ps: I really need that LUCK next Thursday, so please stay my dear angels.

pps: Two scary papers are over. Don't ask me how they were, I won't think about them haha

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