Friday, May 02, 2008

on a day like today...I'm happee

Aye....why is it that almost everytime I'm searching for something else... I end up looking at the denim section? and end up buying a pair of jeans instead of what I actually want -___-'

It happened again today... oh my

But hey, I am so happy that I am going to meet my friends very very soon.

Hm...coming up next Monday I will be flying to Seoul - San Fransisco.
Haha... I will be meeting my dear @ friends in Seoul, especially those from IC 2006 in Poland. The plan now according to Eddie oppa is to go to Busan on 10th to meet Patrick and Kelvin. But I have to confirm with Heather on her availability though. Soon soon...

I was so surprised and yet touched at the same time this afternoon. I was queuing in a bank when my phone rang. Hm...unknown international number. Arghhhh Andrew from Korea called me just to check if I'm really going there *hahaha so sweet... thanks for calling Andrew!

In San Fransisco, Yohan will be my dear guide haha. We haven't met for a few years now, he used to stay and study in Singapore before he left to pursue his arts degree there. So... I am so excited yeay yeay!

Following that, I am going home *hauhauhuahua. My ol' hi-skul friends just wait for me ok! haha one of them is currently promoting his band's album too...haha I have a new artist friend :) hm...maybe it's gonna be tough meeting him, but I gotta make sure he puts his signature hahaha jk jk.

Gosh....the schedule is full this month but I am soooooo excited!

next to-do list:
- Renew my Schengen visa ASAP

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