Wednesday, March 19, 2008

shake it...groove it...smash it...

Latest addiction on my off-day:

America's Best Dance Crew
Twelve groups of dancers from across the country compete for the title of Best Dance Crew. Viewer votes determine which crews move on from week to week.

Haha...thanks to Jun, a fellow crew, who told me about this programme.

As everyone else is grooving and shaking their booties following Step Up 2 the Street movie... this is definitely a MUST watch!!

My faves dance crew are:

Kaba Modern
Their perfect isolated moves and consistent energy are just wondrous!
Love it more 'coz they're Asians... hee

They're crazy, simple and creative. When they dance, they seem to be just having fun... so cool!
A mix of dancers from diverse background makes it even cooler :)

It's time to catch Step Up 2 the Street and follow this programme closely.

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