Saturday, June 30, 2007

more pics...

My first Donetsk trip with the @ers.

After our football match with the students. We looked pretty cool heh..

The dance that I mentioned it is. Well, I dont have the programme to edit it...but it still looks sweet yar? They are from Grade 3 and 4

Students'performances...I love em.
So cutee...and adorable *wink wink

Me and my arts. LOVE is in the AIR ^^

English class for Grade 1. Guess what are they doing? muahaha

On the train to Donetsk. There's always time for pictures...wahaha now everyone knows my camera is always ready :)

We're HAPPY....and CRAZY!

The three musketeers who accompanied me to Donetsk *lol*
L-R: Richard, Nikundj and Vova

My students are graduating... CONGRATS! It was a beautiful night, reminded me of my hi-skul era *lol....touched

This is my flat...COOL? The best trainee flat *woo hoo...

Next to the monument. I love it here.. and it's just a few blocks from where I stay *wahaha lucky me

See the monument behind? A trace from the USSR...well, at least the symbol is there

Look at me...what can you see? *wakaka

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