Thursday, May 24, 2007

Update from Dnepropetrovsk

Privet all!

I am so sorry for my late update on how I've been doing here. It's been two weeks since I am in Ukraine, and's not that easy to update on my internship here *from laptop which broke down, language barrier, and busyness here.

Anyway, I find A LOT of interesting things here in Ukraine that we don't really have in Spore and some other countries I suppose. It challenges me alot too, and I am glad that I am able to experience this. Below, I am gonna share some of my findings, but due to time limit, it will be disorganized, but I hope you find it interesting too.

- The women are one of the most beautiful girls in the world, I have to admit. They are gorgeous, tall and sexy. Come in different 'facial features', from mixed of Asian, Latin and Europeans....gosh... sooo lucky for the guys.
They like to wear high heels, mini skirt and tops and they put on make up properly, even from such a young age of 11/12 years old.

- I have to pay for plastic bags when I shop at the supermarket. Good way to save the environment although not too convenient.

- The weather is as HOT as Spore now, around 34 degrees and it's killing everyone. The difference is that it is DRY here and not HUMID. Students complain that they cant concentrate and are having headache because of the weather.

- The social gap is HUGE. Some people earn USD100/month, but we can see plenty of luxurious cars on the streets, from Mercy, Lexus, Jaguar and Limo. The people are pretty fashionable too, especially the young ones. Status is quite important I suppose.

- However, people will give their seats to the elderly, especially woman on public transport. Great way to start and learn Spore :)

- Smokers and drunkers are usual sight. Children are exposed to these since young and it's not difficult to find bottle of beers on the streets or groups of people drinking in the morning. The beers even come in plastic bottle like Coke *hehehe

- Fresh pollution :)

- When I asked what they'd like to change in Ukraine, many of them said: GOVERNMENT! Hm.. a pretty corrupted country like Indonesia in my opinion. But the good thing is the people realize it and they want it to be changed. I consent!

- and so on...

However, I MUST really applaud the AIESECers here in Dnepropetrovsk. They really ROCK! I and Richard, a trainee from Bogota, Colombia, really feel like we're having a family here. They are so friendly and warm. On my first day in this city, we had a Global Village with the members...and they're totally crazy. I love em! Now, they plan a schedule to meet us every day when we have free time, so they will take turns to accompany us, even if just for a short 1-2 hours. I am soooooo touched and grateful by them!

Another trainee is coming soon on Friday from India. So, we may have another Global Village on Sunday and I am so looking forward to it. It's gonna be cool coz Sunday is my only free day.

Last but not least, I was in Kyiv for 3 days when I arrived in Ukraine, and I have to say...THEY ROCK too! The trainees were crazy and I had so much fun with them. I really expand my networks, and I can't ask for more for my @ experience.

Now, I shall reconsider...Should I come back? The clock is ticking, and I know my time here will end soon... to stay in Spore or to come back? hm...

Take care all, I miss you here

ps: Surprisingly, I haven't really missed the food *hahaha* although I don't mind having some Asian food.

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