Wednesday, December 06, 2006

random thoughts

So glad that I made the right decision to buy these toys!

1. IBM ThinkPad X60s - Life is so much easier with this as I carry my data inside, but the consequence is that work is everywhere everytime. Still remember when Lele my rumie said that I work more with this new baby, even when I am having my meal *haha life is about!

2. Casio Exilim X70 - brand new digicam. Now I don't have to worry where I can borrow a digicam anymore. I can take pics wherever I want. I can take pics of those cute hunks *wakaka*. I can take funny videos to sabo people. I can store my life journey.

And hell yeah, it's a busy week now. FYP and my AIESEC pre-conference meetings are ON. But these two spark different emotions and motivaton. A total opposite....arghh!! Doishitee!! Owhh...our conference starts in 4 days!! Welcome delegates!

Still considering on what subjects to take next semester coz I only need 2 more: 1 Prescribed and 1 General Elective. Doesn't mean I am gonna be free though, coz FYP really takes a lot of time and energy and emotions *haha*.


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