Thursday, October 26, 2006

I don't wanna lose any of YOU...

Friends are...
To fight with each other and for each other
[reminds me of our endless argument]
Are we stubborn? or is it caring?

Friends are...
Those who think and care about you...
When you are far away from them.
[as the saying goes: HOME is where the HEART is]
Hey, I am sure we ARE never far away, coz everytime my heart beats, I know you're there living with my every breath

Friends are...
To play pranks together without getting caught.
[ONE for ALL and ALL for ONE]
just shed the tears away and let's play, am sure we'll stand by each other when we get 'caught'

Friends are...
To gossip together on any topic.
[and to console, to encourage, to support, to motivate, to teach, to learn from...etc. The bottom line is WE SHARE!!]

Dear friends,

Thank you for making my world a livelier and colourful one
Thank you for standing by my side when I need someone the most
Thank you for believing in me
Thank you for lending your shoulders *and those tissues
Thank you for scolding me when I'm wrong
Thank you for making me a better person
Thank you for showing me that life is wonderful with someone else to share
Thank you for all the silly jokes and stories
Thank you for tolerating me *I know I can be very very annoying at times hehe
Thank you for the listening ears
Thank you for accompanying my journey of life
Thank you for walking the road together
Thank you for teaching me to enjoy the beauty of life
Thank you for everything you did, do and will do...
Can't imagine not having you by my side...

Lurve y'all ^.*v

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