Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lazy to type a new update, so I'll just copy paste from my AIESEC in NTU blog *hehe*
Besides, mid term is around the corner and the clock is ticking...
I am back from Poland.
I am excited
I am motivated
I am sad
I am in dilemma
I am anxious
I am worried
I am... 'entangled'

If you asked me how was my first International Congress?...
Ehm...give me the world's best dictionary and find me the best word that is even greater than AWESOME...
That would be my answer!!

I departed to Poland with Phoebe on 17th September by FinnAir. I left Singapore with Phoebe 'Pheebs', my MCVP-OGX [Outgoing Exchange]. Being the bubbly gurl as she is, we spent quite some time sharing stories, catching up gossips and then successfully fell asleep throughout the flight. I am pleased to travel with her as I click best with her too.

The other four: Sharon, Jing Wen, Adam and Sherina departed the same evening by KLM and had a stopover at Amsterdam. Imran joined us on 19th.

However, the officer at the airport was so darn irritating, he treated me like a terrorist. Guess what? He works in Changi Airport to your astonishment k. Russel Peter puts it, "Be a man, do the right thing!" You should at least know how to treat a woman with respect and politeness, shouldn't you? ...... whatever......

My stay in Poland was superb, it's beyond description. Well, I just don't want it to end... ever. Back in Singapore now is like a hard slap on the back to wake us up, to welcome us to the reality after a half month trip in the dreamland *sigh*

Arrived in Poland, Phoebe and I travelled by ourselves in Warsaw on the first day. From finding the underground METRO, strolling at Old Town, having early dinner of delicious home-made pizza, losing our way to the hostel, getting to know how to use the public phone, and finally to finding the direction to the places using our intuition. This was a superb experience. It's tiring but it's FUN FUN FUN.

Pheebs and I spent our time strolling at Warsaw Old Town. A very unique, romantic square with nice designs on its buildings. It's just awesome and super chilling. We were just stranger in this Polish land.

On our second day, we went to join the study tour to Gdansk. Joining us were delegates from Hong Kong, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Malta, Korea, Switzerland, Panama, Germany, Poland, Bahrain, Canada, and not-to-be-missed Singapore. We had so much fun together. From a smooth journey to a breakdown bus, from bread to a nice Kashubian dinner, from Old towns to castle and concentration camp, from party to party....we conquered all!! the other side of the country, the rest of the Spore delegates went to Krakow with the Malaysian delegates. Surprisingly, they met Brodie [the tall guy at the bottom left pic], the President of AIESEC International 05/06 at Warsaw Old Town.

Well, International Congress encompasses everything. From play, fun, work, discussion, passion, commitment, willingness to learn and explore, challenge, hard-work, patience, diversity and so on... we HAD it all.

There were 570 delegates from 95 countries and territories. 200 externals from the corporate. AIESEC International and facilitators and congress committee that are up to 100ppl.

It was a BLAST!!

Fun time working together...

Global Village that is HUGE and open to public. The best Global Village that I ever participated. It is also my first time wearing Malay's baju kebaya and I like it...

Kaya is in the house. Too bad we do not have a toaster or else we would have open a Kaya toast stall. Uniquely Singapore fan is one of the faves too.

Living in diversity, enjoying participation, activating leadership, demonstrating integrity, acting sustainably and striving for excellence....our AIESEC values. We LIVE 'em all!!

UBS Gala Dinner at the largest Theatre Hall in Poland. You guys are gorgeous!

There is always time for candid pictures. Crazyness is in our blood!! *yeay...

My 1st IC hopefully will not be my last IC. For those who were not there, you got the chance..It's up to you now. But I can ensure you that it is going to rock you life...well, at least IC ROCKS mine.

Ow more thing, post-conference down syndrome is still ON.

Missing IC and the people terribly *hiks hiks

*diana signed off

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