Monday, January 16, 2006

Some people whom I emailed today can see I am in a good mood.

My MSN nick makes some people jealous.

And I can hardly stop smiling....even on the bus and when I was walking.

I am HAPPEE today!!!

An SMS reply from my mom brightens my day. I SMS-ed her when I was in the bus to my lovely 'Muzik TePe'. And I didn't expect her to reply me, but she did. Agh..mommy huhu! *kok mala melo2 geje*

Ow...I also received a limited edition tee of A Bathing Ape for eMTePe Asia Aid. My friend passed the tee to me, saying that her supervisor asked her to give it to me since I helped her out last Friday to pack her cupboard full of CDs and posters. * sweet... didn't expect this, too.* And she said the tee worths $100++....hihi I got limited edition tee yey. *behave Dee, behave!!*

And now, after I moved to Tower2 where most of my friends are sitting, it is so much merrier, especially Caspar. Listening to his jokes and stories always makes us laugh. He would ask people how they spent their weekend, is this funny, is that fun and bla bla bla. A very eccentric and happy-go-lucky chap. For instance, there were 2 BLUE (the boyband) standing posters which belong to the Talent Artist Relation that sorta 'dumped' on the floor. He took them and put beside his seat. Then, he started asking people how does it look like, is it nice. Hahaha....always make our days.
*Yes Caspar, they look nice, but would be much nicer if it was you on the pic ^^v*

Today was also the first time I had a 1.5 hour lunch break *hohoho*. Went for dinner with an @er from SMU. Finally I got the chance to explore the other part of Singapore. So, we went to have Wan Tan Mee at a plaza somewhere nearby. It's yummy. Then proceed to have dessert 'Tau Hua' at another place *sigh, I lost my sense of direction*. On our way, I was introduced to pub/bar/whatsoever it is called that plays live music *hahaha evil mode*. Andit plays blues. Wanna try anyone? [disclaimer: since I intro-ed this to's your treat k! *lol*] what I did today was helping my supervisor moved into her new cubicle and a few paperwork besides a meeting with the HR people. I carried boxes, cleaned tables, sorted documents that were scattered on the floor *dunno belong to who...sigh...* Luckily my supervisor only has few stuffs compares to others. So, moving TV, tables, chairs, heaps of boxes, etc. Yeah..I had my first exercise of the year and I am getting more muscular now *muahaha* XD. My supervisor's comment: "Hey, you're pretty strong for a small gurl!" Waks...gulp!

I got to know few more people at MTV. Apparently now I am sitting at a more strategic area where more people gather and communicate *haha previously I spent most of my time at my own cubicle doing my stuffs*. I am placed in a middle of nowhere with just a table and my computer. I am going to move again.....very soon I think.

Hm..what else makes me happy? ow...I sent more than 50 SMSes today. Many of them were craps, but managed to make me smile and almost laugh my lungs out. Thanks @ers, you guys rockz!! Ow....if you read this: JIA YOU for your competition Ms Erica, nice try for a bikini party Ms Bobby and much for a dark secret dude!

Ok lar, I better off my crap now..hahaha

I hope my happiness spreads....JIA YOU all!!

Owh..I'm gonna tell you guys more about my colleagues yar...hahaha *this is fun*

Dee-rasuki kebahagiaan

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