Monday, November 21, 2005

More often than not, you have choices, with their own risks and consequences.
And life is about making decisions.

When you are facing these options, what would you do? Which one would you choose?

It's like standing at a junction; numerous road-signs, confused passers-by, clear and decisive walkers and different paths to pick. Each with their own thoughts and considerations. Sometimes you may walk side by side with any of them. Sometimes you solely walk alone. Sometimes you may lead them. Sometimes you just become a follower. And sometimes, you just stand still, unsure of where to go. STUCK!!

Which direction?

Past? Present? Future? where are you and where are you heading for?

Do you keep on looking back? or looking forward? It's not a simple decision.

Do you let go? or do you stay with it?

Do you laugh at it? or do you cry with it?

Do you learn from it? or do you blame it heppened?

Do you take the chance? or do you let it slip away....again?

Do you see it as your past? or your future?

too much to ask... too much to think... too much to reflect...

Realizing that LIFE GOES ON is not as easy saying it. It takes a huge step or even steps.
To let go... to look at the bright light at the end of the tunnel... to take the risks... to face the uncertainties... to be hurt... to laugh and to cry at the same time... to sacrifice... to forgive... to accept...

I don't wanna be standing still.
But the feet are just too heavy to move on... to make that very first step...
slowly...slowly...I will, when I am ready.
And I am sure some day... some time... I will... move on.

*what a confusing piece of looking at the future....shall I let go?

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