Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Gym session turned disaster.

This morning, after a merely 12 minutes of calory-burning exercise by hitting the gym, I nearly collapsed. A strong dizzyness and a feeling of something-bad-is-going-to-happen strucked my mind as I know how my body reacts. Low blood pressure? Overly exhausted? no idea...

I lied down on the mattress for another 15-20 minutes I think, before I felt a lil bit better to return. Gosh, thanks that Cit2 was there. Or else...I have no idea what would happen *another faint just like on the 1st sem?*

However, the journey back to the hall was not as easy as I thought initially. I struggled with my weak legs, high-level dizzyness, whirling stomach and blurry sight and we had to stop for a few times before we managed to reach the hall safely [read: without me kissing the ground and just collapsed]. *sigh...*

With this incident, I had to cancel my work shift of the last day in November [but I still cross my fingers and aim for employee of the month..puh lease...huhu *desperado mode*] and asked for last-minute replacement. I felt bad by doing so as if I am not responsible enough as a person. But as Citra said, "Yah kalo pun elo pergi juga tar kalo terjadi apa2 gmana? Lo juga kan ga bisa bantu banyak." Yup, you're right Cit.

Owh...Despite the fact that I planned to visit Cit2 more often this semester due to her single-room occupancy, I would have to admit this is the first time I eventually stepped into her room since the last time I helped her moving in in July. *huhu sorry yah Cit* And I have the chance to sleep at her bed, too bad my sweats were included. *hehe* She asked me to stay over until I feel better. Ja, Cit2 you're my saviour today. Thanks for taking care of me yar!! Muach2 hehe ^^v Really grateful.

So here I am, spending my whole day watching One Tree Hill. I finished the second season and am going to continue to the third *muahaha* Not too bad, I have time to rest and relax, to really enjoy my holiday, and to watch pretty faces *yippee...* Now, I have four days off for this week. Enjoy!

Once again...thanks for being there friend.

ps: Yang baru nge-blog, update terus lo ya.... *hehe*
Ste, I was astonished myself. Couldn't believe how 'small' this world can be....hehe *not bad though...waks....hauhuhauhaua

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