Friday, August 12, 2005

Yow..I finally receive my first salary from Fish n Co. But guess what? they made a mistake...and in the end, I only received payment for an hour's work as well as the $15 from training session. Thus, adding another $0.19 as tips (see, now you know how cheapo and stingy Singaporeans are..hihi *pizz), I just added another $19.69 into my bank account. Bravo Diana!!

Hm..okei lar, cannot feel bad and sad for too long. Look at the bright side of it: You have another $108 from 24 hours of work to be debited into your account next month (start counting down from 30...huhu) and that means around $200++ of additional money. But it's fine though, I am quite happy for winning the prize, at least I have another 72 bucks in my pocket (yeah..and the printer will be transferred to the other side of my room..hihi my roomie bought it). More over, my friend is going to buy my Spanish textbook and workbook...even though I sell them like only 55% from the original price. I am quite happy still! Ow..and talk about money..I bought my CS301 photo-copied textbook from the photocopy shop in my school compound. about Plagiarism..and now they sell it in school =.=' but no matter what, it is still quite expensive. I spend $31.9 for two photo-copied textbooks...from the original price of $ 30% saving, but still...aiya...

Realize that I have spent quite amount of money this month..huhu count that 2 trips to Johor..and special yumcha and occassions. But some of them are spent for my AIESEC and IAF2005 events, so will claim the receipts soon haha...feeling better now. It can up to $200 you's not even play play..hauhauahua

Yosh...and now I remember the two main important resources in the society (taken from CS301-Media Management or sort of mangement thingie hihi): TIME and MONEY.
What do you think?

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