Tuesday, April 26, 2005

fud...oh fud...

Am eating papaya now (23.11 o'clock)...

I lurve fruits, but not the sour ones. Those I like most are oranges (haha can't wait for Chinese New Year where my house will be filled with boxes of oranges and I'll be the one finishing them muahaha), watermelon (ow..juice), kiwi(why is it so costly?), grapes(seedless please), papaya (what I'm eating now hahaha), and so many more...I am a fruit person -__-'

Besides these, I like chocolates. Boxes of chocolates are in my refrigerator now (yeah, I can't call it fridge, it's too big to be called as fridge) and I can't consume them..hikz..the doctor told me so because of my skin problem. And so my friends are happy on top of my torture )'= coz they got my chocolates...hahaha And just now Alvin tried to teased me with Kinder Buenos huh!

Ow..talking about food, today is the first time I finally ate the Chicken Katsu from Canteen A's Japanese Stall for this semester...hahaha I am quite proud to say I've been living quite a healthy lifestyle lately...see: no chocolates, no fried food, no oily food, no chillies. But I have to admit that I still eat chillies (can't live without 'em), and the chicken katsu I ate just now...it's fried huhuhu

Okay, talk more 'bout food and my huge appetite asks for my mom's cook...
Be patient stomach...in a week kay! A week!

*(Boyzone's song) ..yes..I am coming home now...pap pa rap...
It's been so long now...I'm gonna get there somehow...scubidoo bap pap..

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