Monday, June 29, 2009

update lah

The blog has been pretty deserted since my return to Jakarta. Partly because of the lack of Internet connection. Partly because I am simply busy. Partly because I am too lazy to write things when I have the time.

So now that I am pretty bored in the office doing nothing... here comes more updates:
    Mucha mucha love and hugz...
  2. Sis is back in town for slightly over a week. Haha rameee....
  3. Exactly a month from today, the new artificial flowers and decoration store 'BLOMST' at Pondok Indah is open. That explains the busyness lately.
  4. Baby Nathan is simply adorable and cute. He is less than 2-weeks old but he already wants to move around on his tummy *haha...
  5. Every time Grandma takes off his 'diaper', he will innocently pee - on her *wahahaha cuteeee leh
  6. Watched Transformers 2 - Revenge of The Fallen last night with bro, sis and love. A bit draggy imho, but the three of them love it. So yeah... I don't want to spoil their mood
  7. I am going to need a really nice break and holiday after all this while. I want my vacations backkkkkkkk........awwhhhh
  8. Hate to see my dry and problematic skin....
  9. Promise not to have my hair cut for at least the next 6 months. Possible or not heh?
  10. Braces hurt. But it helps to lose some baby fats. It is challenging to have a decent meal without having the meat or veggie, and even the rice stuck between the teeth and wire. I miss having some good food!!!
  11. ...
It is only 5pm now, but it is getting really dark and cloudy outside. I want to go home and sleep.... or watch some nice movies ;)

Take care... Dee signs off


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