Saturday, May 16, 2009

sleepless in

Been walking blocks and blocks away in Seattle. The concierge suggested to take the monorail or bus, but we walked instead. It is a nice city. Relax, laid-back, simple, small, serene, ... . I personally like it :)

On Day 1, right after we checked into the hotel, we went out for lunch towards downtown and Pike Place Market. Passed by the very first Starbucks with its original logo. Paid Pike Place Market a it. Then we had lunch at Japanese Gourmet Restaurant.

Well, basically everyday we walked down to Pike Place Market and around downtown area. Pioneer Square, the Piers, Space Needle and EMP, the State Post Office and so on. FUN yet tiring.

So, overall in Seattle, we had 2 Japanese meals, 1 Chinese meal, 1 real Mexican meal *and it's super super delicious...whoaahahha, 1 Thai meal and 3 American breakfast. Slurpee....definitely gaining weight.



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