Thursday, May 14, 2009

hey hey

Currently am in Seattle, lying on my comfy bed :)

We were at Las Vegas before we flew here. It was HOT HOT HOT, unlike the rainy and cold Seattle. There, we went to Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the world, and passed by Hoover Dam, the largest dam in the USA *prolly in the world clue haha

We went to the West rim of Grand Canyon, visited the Hualapai tribe and ranch for lunch and I got to hold a gun from one of the cowboys *heee....beware Hollywood, there's a new cow-girl in town LOL.

There are two points in the Grand Canyon West: 
- Eagle point *resembling the eagle 
- Guano point *literally means Bat poo....

The Guano point is more beautiful in my opinion and it is farther up than Eagle point. But... if you've been updating yourself, there is a new attraction at the Eagle point. It is the Skywalk. According to its is walking in the sky. Will post some pics up next time.

well....gotta go now....take care


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