Monday, May 04, 2009


The past 2 weeks have been really busy running training sessions at Pondok Indah. The traffic to and fro were horrible. You never know when it's gonna be real jam-packed. There was an evening where we reached home at 10pm. whoa....

On the other side of the coin, the newly recruited staff for Blomst are full of energy, so let's see if they're up for the challenge.

We are pretty much recharged as well. The sessions, the presentations, the cheers, the role-plays, the games...amazing! We are fired too..... hohoho

AH...I managed to finally finish So You Think You Can Dance season 4. Forced my eyes not to shut at night hahaha... I am loving Katee...Joshua....Will. Well, at least they're all in the top 8 contestants. Joshua even emerged as the winner. But Katee and Will's lines are marvelous...simply flawless. Hmm....maybe I shall take a dance class now :)

Oyee...I am on a 3-week holiday. Not that work is getting lighter whatsoever, but there are better things to prioritize at the moment.

Ciaoooooo......take care and have fun!


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