Monday, March 02, 2009


This lil blog of mine has been pretty deserted lately. Especially since I decided to start over a new leaf back at home.

Let me tell you how my life has been since then:
1. When I just returned, I went down to assist in the 'Chinese New Year exhibition'. Hm.. think I have a pretty good selling skill *hahaha...
2. Chinese New Year was about good food, good people and huge hongbaos *I wish...
3. Busy with the new role as HR Manager (lotsa things to learn definitely, especially since the employment situation in Indonesia is really tricky and much more challenging than the little red dot.
4. The Java trip *pray and pray and pray for 8-days.
Owh... we went to Candi Borobudur too...still gorgeous!! *wait for my pics haha...
5. Busy catching up with the piling work and the soon opening new branch at Pondok Indah *that explains my 'job portal' blog heh...
6. So little time so much to do.... and learn
7. ... personal life business

To be honest, I am kinda excited with the job given. It is totally different from what I had last year *ahem ahem... These days, I have to get up around 7am, then my dear would come and pick me up to work. Work work work play. Eventually I reach home pretty late too as I have dinner with his family or meet up somewhere for dinner with mom.

Therefore, when I am home.... I am simply tired.

How are you peeps????

ps: My eyebrows are like bushes alrd..sigh!!

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