Sunday, January 18, 2009

wisdom tooth...

The pain is still bearable. The swell is yet to be obvious.

but time is running low...super low in fact.

I went to see a dentist today, after hm....I-can't-remember-exactly-coz-it's-way-too-long-ago... 4 years? 5 years??

I only wanted to do come cleaning before Chinese New Year and ehm..ehm..while I assume I am still entitled to it.

But then the pain attacks....

The dentist said it was a wisdom tooth infection. Ouch... where the gum blocks the tooth to grow. The tooth needs to be extracted.

Now.... the things are:

1. It it not only 1 tooth. There are 3. Three of them!! Although there is only one creating some problem now.

2. Man...why must it be now? I mean... Chinese New Year is coming (I wanna eat good yummy food), I am going back to Indo... and hell yeah... no more entitlement from tomorrow onwards.

3. Ugh... gotta fork out my own money in Indonesia then...

Oh... mirror mirror on the wall... why must it happen now after all??

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