Thursday, January 22, 2009

spill my beans

There have been too many when, why and what's next lately.

I kinda grow accustomed to the questions, but it does not mean I am willing to spill all my beans...*er...haha

Let's just put it simply...

when? yeah, I have done it. I submitted, I processed, I cleared, I paid (A LOT). I AM FREE.

why? to plan for my future. I am not going to stuck there forever like many of them. Brave??? yeah, I heard that comment a lot..but I am not brave. I just do what I think I have to do for now... no regrets at all :)

what's next? I am heading home and yeah.... I will be home for Chinese New Year. Lotsa food, lotsa hongbaos please... *yippeee...

So till then... Bye-Bye Singapore!!

See you again friends ^^v


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