Wednesday, December 03, 2008

dear nastya part 2

I am upset!!! *am sure Nastya too...

Yesterday we arrived pretty early than our scheduled time. Touched down before 6am, and right from my seat I could see the snow falling outside the aircraft *woo...sooo excited!

It was cold, but the excitement kinda overshadowed the coldness. I took my time to relax, shower and even fall asleep for an hour before Nastya replied my sms. I headed straight to the train station taking the tram outside the hotel *haha...I did not pay for my ride..

It was still drizzling outside, so I walked faster to reach the train station. Stepping inside, there was a huge Christmas tree (sponsored by Ferrero Rocher), a cosy home with its fireplace next to it (sponsored by Kinder Bueno) and basically everywhere I turned there was Christmas decorations. pretty!!

I walked quickly to the counter to purchase a return ticket. The queue was alright but I was too excited to notice anything else. When I reached the counter, I told the lady behind it my destination. She printed the itinerary and showed it to me.

Lady: The next train is 11.23am and you'll reach there at 2pm.
Me: Alright. How come is the ticket?
Lady: *checked her screen again... * It is 152 euro.
Me: *gasped* expensive. Any other cheaper train?
Lady: *checked her screen and printed another copy* There is an indirect train where you have to change at Hannover. But you will reach there around 5pm in the evening. This one costs 126 euro.
Me: Oh..okay. Thank you so much *and I walked away....confused and upset*

The price is outrageous if I may say so. It is way over my budget since I am saving up now *you know...bad economy, future plans, bla bla bla...haha*.

Arghhh.....what am I supposed to do? hiks hiks...

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