Friday, December 19, 2008

10 random facts about me

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10 random facts about me:

1. Dislike seeing males in skinny jeans, definitely a no-no for 'our' kinda guys
Hm...if we're talking about those British androgynous males or those fashionable Japanese who are able to pull the skinny jeans really well *in fact much much much better than I am*.. then I would say 'Yes, please do so'. Otherwise, imho you simply look gay-ish! period

2. Crave for jeans, belts and collared shirts
Although I have yet to go on another shopping spree, I love seeing these items and never get enough of them. Awhh....saving up money now!

3. Been to over 30 countries and territories, more than 100 cities
Gosh...I am lucky!! and NO... I am not going to give credit to the company I am currently working at...coz they only add a few number to the overall total *huahuhauaha....throwing confetti with evil grins...

4. Can't resist those spicy and soupy food
Although mom's food is forever the best and miss-able, but those spicy and soupy food always successfully soothes me. Especially when I am overseas... I am homesick!!!

5. Romance comedy and dance movies always lighten my foul mood
Talk about Hitch, How to lose a guy in 10 days, The wedding planner, Step up, Honey, etc.... love em!

6. Appreciative of my own personal time
I can spend time sitting in a cafe or a book store reading, having my meal, or simply looking at those passers-by by myself. I simply think we need our own 'time' at times.... phew!

7. They say I can be a love consultant
I lend my ears if you need 'em, I give my views if you need 'em... then they say I can be a good Love Doctor. Maybe I shall start charging people for my consultation....gelato, choco, belt, shoes are welcome!

8. A true Cancerian
Moody, sensitive, homey.... my taste for soft & mellow songs, my mood that changes like water, my laziness to step up from my room at times... hahaha I AM A TRUE CANCERIAN!!

9. Can't stand inconsiderate people....

10. I am lost... I have no clue what else to type here... *tee hee...

Tag: whoever wants to do this... pleaaaaaaseeee...may the force be with you :)

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