Sunday, November 23, 2008

day 1 in saigon

Seriously... this is going to be one of those holiday trips that I will remember!!

Slept at almost 3am and woke up at 5.30am. I had 2 buns and a cup of Ovaltine for my breakfast *ugh..and I don't usually eat breakfast. My uncle taxi came and picked us up at 6am.

While queueing for our boarding pass, my stomach didn't feel well. I needed something warm so we had a bowl of seafood noodle before we passed through the imigration.

Just right before we boarded the plane, I felt like vomitting. I ran out from the queue to the toilet...and yeah, successfuly vomitted on the bloody floor before I managed to reach the toilet. Puke no.1 *smart huh....^^''

During the flight to HCM, I slept like a baby. I only remembered I bought a bottle of mineral water that cost me $3 for a mere 300ml and an urgent call for a doctor or qualified nurse onboard as someone fell sick too. See...memorable, right?

Ho Chi Minh reminds me of Indonesia in a way, but less modern and cosmopolitan compares to Jakarta. It is chaotic...* gotta agree with me on this, especially about the traffic. So many motorbikes everywhere and they just drive as they want *ck ck ck. The government needs to put more effort into its city management :) *peace...

Anyway, once we reached our hostel, we slept our way through till around 2pm before going for lunch. I ordered a bowl of fish porridge and a glass of hot tea as I was still not feeling well, and my cousin ordered a plate of fried rice. I took a few sips of my tea...when I suddenly felt the urge to vomit again. I ran into the kitchen wanting to ask where the toilet is. Too bad...too late... I vomitted on the bloody floor again -___-'' arrghhhh....

Apologetically, I walked back to my seat slowly. Sigh... what a day! I lost all my appetite. Before long, I vomitted again. Third time in a day. I must have looked like a ghost...freaking pale according to my cousin. Even the restaurant staffs were worried *hahaha... they asked my cousin to buy the medicine at the opposite pharmacy. LOL, the problem to communicate? My cousin went to the pharmacy and used sign language. We are not even sure till now if he gave us the right medication. Anyway... I have already consumed 1 tablet *haha.

The fish porridge was finally packed to go. Hurriedly, we walked back to the hostel, a block away. Right in front of the room, I needed to vomit again. Right...nice timing!! Fourth and luckily last in a day!! Phew.... I slept through the day... feeling unwell and weak. Man, I hate this feeling!! but thank God I did not faint like when I was Penang.

Today...I am feeling much better. Thanks for the concern.. love you!! Thanks for being my dear nurse, cousin... hehehe

with love from Saigon!

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