Sunday, September 07, 2008

muahahahaha wakakkaa

Hahahaha... is today a bad day for you? or is it a happy day?

Worry not...I came across this webpage where cabin crew shared their personal experience on the STUPIDEST questions/incidents on board that they encountered on their flights. Please do note that majority of them were from American/European based airlines.

Laugh hard.....laugh harder *MUAHAHAHAHA

It smells bad in here, could you open a window? (on ground, but still...)

When passengers pointed at the glass of water and asked "What is that?"
I would say "It's straight vodka, we want everyone passed out now!"
*muahahaha... reminds me of the water vs vodka incident

"Excuse you happen to know what the name of that cute looking island down there is?"
Answer-after checking with the flight crew- "yes ma'm, that's Africa!"

"Where is row 20?"
"Turn right, walk all the way down past row 19. If you get to row 21, you've gone too far."

Pax: "Where are we?"
Without any hesitation no matter who asks, I always reply with a smile, "In the air, exactly where we should be."

Pax: Are all the overheads the same size? (As she is holding a bag large enough to carry 6 months worth of clothing)
Me: No there is one in the middle of the cabin that we had designed just for you (I laugh as she goes in search of it!).

Pax: "Pardon me, are we stuck in a cloud?"

"Calm down sir. I said we were out of chicken not fuel"

When the pax ask "What city is that?" my Favorite is Dilligaf, ..... ( fill in the state) = Do I Look Like I Give A %$^&, Iowa

Pax: "That gentleman up there is too tall. I can't see the movie."
Me: "Just a moment sir, I'll go see if I can make him shorter...."
~ Of course, I said it in my usual gentle way, so several rows around him were laughing... I just walked away shaking my head in disbelief.......

FA: "Chicken or beef"
Pax: "How is the chicken?"
FA: "It's dead, Sir"

"Coke"... with ice and lemon Sir?
"Is the ice cold?"

"I don't need a landing card for the United Kingdom, do I?"...
"Aare you ending your journey here at Heathrow Airport?"
"No, I'm not staying in the United Kingdom, I'm going to London"

Made your day?

Wondering how our 'affluent' passengers can be a real clueless creature on earth at times... maybe it is because of the altitude *hehe.

Oh well, if only we could be more... loosened up haha

hihihi hahaha kakaka kekeke hohoho hehehe muahahaha wakaka

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