Thursday, September 04, 2008

forgetful me....

I am getting more absent-minded.

I left my new SONY in my parents' room at home sweet home. Well...there goes all the funny kinky crazy pics that we took when I went back a week ago. Fine... at least I am going home again next week, so I can ensure I take the camera back with me this time round.

So, knowing that I wouldn't have my new camera on my Frankfurt trip, I had to ensure my old camera was fully-charged. Which I did. But the problem was... I left it on the table top and only realized it when the plane was preparing to take-off. Yeah....

Maybe I do need more nutritions, vitamins, ginkgo biloba, chicken essence...etc whatever.

Another random one...haha but I am excited. Counting down to the days I'll be home again and witness another history-making event in my family ;)

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