Friday, September 05, 2008

doggie oh doggie...

Hey hey...

Let me introduce you to my lil friend. Doggie joined our family probably over a year ago. He was brought in by a relative and we were told that he was 3 years old. Doggie, a Pomeranian, is always a cute and sweet friend. Seriously, I have never ever heard him bark. He is afraid of height, he is afraid of any kind of toys. Moreover, he will never run too far away for us to chase.

When I am home, he will then have another friend to play with. And he knows that well for he will always follow wherever my feet go. He will look at you with his big eyes, hoping you would spare some time to play and cuddle him. He loves it.

The truth is... he is already 7 years old, according to a doctor when he fell sick. Recently, there was like an ulcer on the side of his mouth; Doggie lost his appetite. After an X-ray to ensure it was not a tumor, the doctor said it was just an infection and cleaned it up. Doggie was back to normal and his appetite jumped up. He was hungry all the time.

Until....I received mom's message saying that Doggie has a cancer. I am crushed.What will happen?

Oh no... it must be painful and hard for him...

Doggiee........please hang on ya!!! I'll see you soon... hiks hiks

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