Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Life is so unpredictable huh!

One second you are smiling, and the next second you may be crying.
One second you are totally fit, and the next second you may be lying on your bed unable to sit or stand up.

Therefore, for a dear friend there, I am so sorry to hear about it.
Hope he'd be strong and get well soon. It is a heartache to know that your loved one is suffering yet you're unable to do anything. Man, now I feel like telling my parents and loved ones how much I care and love them.... before it is really too late.

I know this is random... but I pray for you and your family's strength. Get well soon ya!

ps: If there's anything...any slightest thing that I can do...please do let me know.


Posted by Ddee at 1:08 AM


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