Sunday, September 28, 2008

back in posts

Alright, I know I have been hibernating for quite some time now.
Yeah... I admit I am pretty lazy to write up some posts and it takes some time to upload those pics too.

Anyway, I am leaving for Abu Dhabi-Jeddah tomorrow and will be quite busy till around mid of October. Hopefully I could squeeze in some time and beat my laziness *hehe.

1. Just did an Amsterdam and a Taipei flight. Love the trip...not the work, although Taipei's one was not bad.
2. I lost my voice when I returned from Amsterdam.... Omo omo...
3. Mom has arrived in Singapore. We went for a dinner at Park Royal Hotel's resto...I can't remember the name. Nice food, but too oily for me.
4. I helped out with AIESEC in Singapore Student Review Board today. I represented the alumni interviewer... finally, I am back!
5. I am happy now :)
6. counting down....

ok lah....just wait for more pics from Amsterdam :)


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