Thursday, August 14, 2008

my new love

Alex - My Vintage Romance

I got to know him (unfortunately, he doesn't know me....for now *haha) from We Got Married. If he really does show his true self here... I can surely say that he is a charming man who invests in romance. He treats a woman like a woman, he makes us feel precious. Therefore, I guess this character reflects his music... ballad and mellow love-song (my fave!).

01 어느새 Eoneusae (Soon)

02 그대라면 Geudaeramyeon (If It's You)

03 넌 언제나 (feat. Thomas Cook) Neon Eonjena (It's Always You)

04 기다리게 해서 미안해요 (Sorry Because you had to wait)

05 발끝을 적시는 눈물 Balkkeuneul Jeokshineun nunmeul (Tears that wet the tip of my toes)

06 Feel Like Making Sunshine

07 깍지껴요 (feat. Gaeko from Dynamic Duo) Kkakjikkyeoyo (Empty shell ____)

08 Waltz lesson (feat. whale)09 연인 Yeonin (Lover)

10 사랑하오 Saranghaeo (I love you)

11 기분 좋은 날 Gibun Joeun Nal (A Good Day)

12 Daydreaming

13 Miss. Understand (feat. Simon Dominic)

14 데이지 Deiji (Daisy)

15 화분 (Flowerpot - Bonus track)

Here are my current MP3 playlist... just can't get enough of you :)

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