Thursday, August 07, 2008

Bonjour Paris! ~ part 2


From Montmartre, we paid the artists' village at the other side of the church a visit. Took lotsa pictures, created some hoo-haa by jumping here and there for pics too and yeah... some people followed us to take pics at the same spots we posed! not bad for our Asian 'eyes' hahaha...

Then we walked down towards Moulin Rouge, entering The Erotic Museum along the journey *hoo....hooo.....

The stars for the moment!

For this trip, our modes of transportation were mainly the train and by foot. Travellers can actually buy a cheaper 10-ticket at 11.6euro instead of 1.6euro per trip. This ticket can be used for the train, bus, metro and RER 'dans Paris' which I have no clue.

Next stop: Opera house....

Just a random shot when I saw the glass window... and a random guy who took our pic
Ok..I didn't mind coz he's cute enough to stand next to me...hauhauhaua

Some shopping spree in between... for some of the girls. I left Gallerie LaFayette empty-handed *sigh....proud..but..disappointed....too

On our way to Notterdam...

Ta da.... muahahahaha so happy!
Finally I stepped on Notterdam coz we didn't visit this place 12 years ago

Up close and personal....

Does anyone know what style Notterdam is?

The other side of Notterdam... the one facing the river

we didn't take the boat ride... huks huks... next time ok!

so soothing!


Cute-colourful-eye catching store

According to Lonely Planet, Berthillon is the best local ICE-CREAM in Paris!


Road side stall...
I personally like these cards... look cool

reminds me of Da Vinci Code hahaha

there's always light at the end of the tunnel :)
Habis gelad terbitlah terang - Ibu Kartini

That's the famous Louvre baybeh...

hihi... asked a random girl to take a pic with us..
guessed he was dared by his peers to dress up like that... interesting huh!

Moi French family.... where's dad, kids?? muahahaha

Seriously... Da Vinci Code!
and then we rushed to Champs Ellysees...

Why did they display my car there? grr...... lol

Risking my life to take this pic in the middle of the street...hahaha
Arc de Triomphe

And our final destination.... Eiffel Tower at 11.30pm
and it was sooooooo cold outside... but we stayed on...


The light show on Eiffel...

I am satisfied... very!

ps: Counting down to the day I'll be home sweet home....yippieee


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