Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bonjour Paris! ~ part 1

This trip was one of the best sightseeing trip I've ever had (with the crew)...
4 fun-crazy-photo loving girls and a nice big brother who was willing to bring us around.

We planned to cover as many places as possible in a day. So, Hannin and I checked with the concierge before the rest decided to join us.
*showing the map to the hotel concierge
Where is Montmarte?
What is the nearest train station?
Can we walk from Louvre to the Eiffel tower?
*circling places on the map
Which one is a must visit place?
Where else can we go?
and then he asked,
How long are you going to stay in Paris?
2 nights, 1 clear day
NO NO... these are enough!

After a good night sleep, we ventured out at 10am. The weather was fine, a bit chilly when the wind blew but otherwise it was bearable.

Our first stop: Montmarte and its village
(what a nice feeling)

The gorgeous church from below
(is it a church? sorry, up till now I still can't differentiate among church, cathedral, basilica, etc)

Must fill the hungry stomach before we climbed up the stairs
*too bad my Carbonara was tasteless... and it came with a raw egg, but the staff who served us was nice and funny

He even helped us to take this pic
and claimed I was his wife ^^' hohoho

Girls just wanna have fun :)

Getting closer...

Paris from top... yummy

Hannin, D and big bro

note for fun: the item on the right showed The Pope with a caption on top "I SAID NO!"
well....if you get the joke *hehe... no pun intended lah

At the artists' village
man...the paintings do NOT come cheap at all -__-''

haha... ok, I might scare the s*it out of the people there

twirl twirl twirl... and here comes the dog!

Time to move on...

Just how simple lil things can be sooo... special in its own way *.^
(including this signboard)

I had to crawl to get to this place and also made sure I didn't fall down

We were simply promoting the restaurant...please don't shoo us away!

Guess why did I take this pic?
Ven....not applicable to you haha

So...that was the end of our first half of the day in Paris... Montmarte
Yeap...seriously a must visit place. But do ignore the pushy sellers
trying to sell the wristband at the bottom of the church. And yeah... be careful when you travel alone, and when it's dark!

continued on Bonjour Paris! ~ part 2


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