Tuesday, July 22, 2008

new toys

My new babies.... huge thanks to dear sis hohoho

*geez...since when I am quite a tech girl!

Samsung S3 MP4 player (my first tech-gadget aside from digicam and mobile haha)

Mine is red in colour...haha nice?

So now I have a company when I take the public transport or on my way to the hotel(s)... and as the British says: "That's lovely, isn't it?" ^^


finally, we have a SONY Cyber-shot T2 digicam in green. Never thought that Nophie is freaking good at 'negotiating for freebies' hahahaha.. you're rad!

OK....time to heal my flu by zzz-ing now... and will keep you posted on my Paris trip :)

Au Revoir!

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