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Sky of Love

Another tear-jerking drama from Japan.

Sky of Love (Koizora)

Country: Japan
Genre: Drama
Year released: 2007
Running time: 2 Hour 09 Min.
Director: Natsuki Imai
Cast: Yui Aragaki (Mika) / Haruma Miura (Hiroki)

Sky of Love or Koizora is adapted from an internet fiction which is popular among Japanese teenagers. The story of a highschool girl named Mika who falls in love with her classmate Hiroki. While their love becomes more intimate, Hiroki leaves her without telling the reason. Despairingly, Mika doesn't want to love anyone. Later, she meets a guy named Yu who attempts to make her happy. Mika opens her heart again and starts dating Yu. However, on the night of Christmas Eve, Mika discovers the reason why Hiroki is gone.

As well-written and commented by Brian on his blog below:

If pain collected in your body like fat cells do, I think much of it would have come from that first love in your life. When you watch a film like this one and you are past the age where boy bands mean very much all you can think to yourself is thank god I never have to go through that ever again. Yet there is a certain purity in that pain that is never the same no matter how many relationships you go through in life. First love is a subject that Japan takes seriously in their movies and they churn them out fairly regularly with a well tested formula of innocence and tragedy awaiting the viewer. These films are quite popular around Asia and I have noticed many of them showing up in theaters in Hong Kong and around Southeast Asia. First love hurts everywhere, but the Japanese seem to have gotten it down better than anyone.

Sky of Love hits you with a lethal combination of cuteness and tragedy that is hard not to fall victim to. I assume the audience around me at the Pusan Market was a fairly hardened jaded one, but sniffling was heard from every corner and everyone seemed to wait until the end credits were over so that they had time to compose themselves a little bit before facing the lights in the lobby. I told the TBS representative (producer of the film) that the film had everyone in tears and she says “I know, we should have had Kleenex available for people”.


Shhstt... prepare some Kleenex before you watch this *.^ I love to take pics of skies ;)


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