Tuesday, June 24, 2008

happy life!

Dear friends...wherever you are!

Thank you so very much for all the wishes. It means a lot to me, simply because at least I worth the time and effort to be remembered and greeted *haha. Nah...seriously, thanks much.

Nothing special happened, no celebration, no party, no tears and laughters, nothing... but me lying on the hotel bed watching TV and working my a*s off back to Singapore. I had some really nice passengers on board, but I also had some devils that ruined my mood. Well... life goes on somehow huh!

For some people..it is another year older. True though. But it is also a blessing coz you've come so far... lived life...loved and be loved. My wishes stay the same: be happy and be a better person.

I am truly blessed to have great friends around me... love you guys, love you mum and dad, love you sis n bro, love you love!

I'll be stronger :)

Big hugz,


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