Monday, May 19, 2008


A trip to Taipei is NOT complete without savouring its yummy-licious street food and snacks haha

Counting the calories:
- A packet of fried chicken pieces
- Ah Chong mee sua * gotta eat while standing
- Lime sour plum juice
- Dumplings
- Fruit snow ice
- Peanut butter toast
- Crab meat soup
- Fried mushroom
- Mango green tea
- Dried mango an guava
- tiny lil bits from food tasting...

and all were done with in less than 8 hours *slurppp....

Crab meat soup at Shihlin Night market

Cosy cafe but not so delicious food...
We all looked hungry -___-''

Mango green tea helped me from losing my voice.... and maybe shed some toxic haha

Over-eating may cause nausea, dizziness and hallucination

The girls united at Si Men Ting!
L-R: Irene, Annie, Bintang, Dee, Ling

After walking whole day (incl from Spore to Taipei)... I need a rest, a good one!

Cutie pillow..

My papa bear.... hahha

You horrible terrible pax.... dun play play or you'll end up with this!

Already missing the food... arghhh


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