Saturday, May 31, 2008

alamak...apa lah ini?

Muahahahaha now that I am back from my 'delusional' mode... I realize I made a stupid mistake in spotting the English word in the previous post heh. Thanks for pointing it out hauhuhuahau *sheepish....super duper embarrased -____-'' OK avoid further confusion, I'll take that post out yeah.

On a side note, I was really happy when they called me up to do a Seoul flight and disrupted my Guangzhou turnaround. Why? Of course doing a lay-over flight is my preferance than a turnaround flight.

But well... I was kinda wrong for this round. Why? I'll tell you next time lar.

Anyway, it was a short stay in Seoul. The call-up time was 5.45am (GMT+9 for Seoul)... man!!!
I went shopping anyway and tasted some local food. From Bulgogi, Chicken Kimchi Soup, meat stick and bbq octopus from the road stalls *hahaha...

Bought Nophie a dress to celebrate her new dept. Chukae!! I look good in that dress too, ok... so in case you don't want to wear it or er... I need it.. can I borrow too? hahaha

Everything is expensive in Korea, except for local food and make-up or skincare products. So... here are what I got!

NOOOO... these are NOT what I bought!
They are free gifts ^o^

These are what I bought haha
that's what I like about Korea... free gifts even before you buy anything from the store

I really need a good rest before my long flight. This flight took so much energy and emotion huh!

I need a good sleep... ja ne!

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