Tuesday, April 01, 2008

ouch....that hurts more

The shoulders have become as stiff as a wooden stick

The sore back got me cringed every time I thought of exercising

Therefore, after asking Oscar on where to go for a cheap massage thrill, I went to get one today

$10 for a 10-minute shoulder massage

But what I got....

Ouch.... the young lady was in her full-force when she massaged my neck, shoulder and back

My eyes went teary... literally

It hurt so much that I felt like I almost fainted and I was willing to pay her in full for that mere couple of minutes

but I stayed on....

And now... I flinched everytime I moved!

Sigh... how naive to think that I'll feel better after a massage.

Can anyone recommend me to a nice, affordable, useful massage?? in Singapore please....

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Posted by Ddee at 11:25 PM


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