Sunday, April 13, 2008

laugh when it happens

It's time to go out and make someone's day :)

In the cab:
cabbie: You have eyes that speak.
adding: in the future you don't have to talk to your husband, he can just look into your eyes and know it alrd *muahahahaha...

At the control centre:
colleague of highest rank shouted from the entrance: nice hair.
adding: am I making your day?

On the plane:
ddee: We're serving meal, Sir! What would you like to have....
pax: lobster! *in a friendly funny way :)
ddee: huahuahuahua... I am sorry we don't have lobster but it'd be my pleasure to serve you that in the future *

ddee: Just wait for a moment, Sir. The ground staff will come with the wheelchair in a while.
pax: So, will you be serving us champagne while waiting?
ddee: muahahaha... I wish I could. I myself never tried it before *hahaha
pax: No way. You look like you drink lots of that.
ddee: hm...what does that mean?
pax: You have the 'fu qi' lar...
ddee: wah...thank you hahaha

What random encounters.... but I was seriously laughing and smiling when they happened.

Man, you look good today! Cheerios...

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