Wednesday, January 09, 2008

shop till you drop? nah..not yet

Shopping is a therapy.... especially for ladies
I am not going to deny this
But I have to say... Great bargains for shopping is an even more powerful therapy *wahaha
Don't trust me? I spent less than 55pounds for all these *wink wink...

Next shopping spree will be in Hong Kong and San Fransisco. The crew has warned me to bring more money, extra credit card and plenty of empty space in my luggages. Hm... just wondering how great the shopping there is. Anyway, hopefully I can still refrain myself for buying unnecessary stuffs *which up till now I am pretty proud of myself still haha

Awh...housewarming party coming up soon. Just wait for the updates and see you around!

ps: Just finished cleaning up the house, sweeping, mopping... now our sanctuary smells good hehe


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