Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year at Adelaide

So there I was for New Year.
We touched down at Adelaide International Airport slightly over 9am and reached the hotel around 10am. It was really really HOT HOT HOT.
Cleaned up myself and too exhausted to go out, I decided to have my beauty sleep.
I woke up at 4pm to find my stomach screamed to be fed.
So I walked out from the hotel and oh my... the shining sun really showed its power, and the fact that Australia is the country with the thinnest atmosphere on earth does not help to curb the heat. It stung onto the skin and it hurt!
I spent merely 20 mins at Cole's, bought some biscuits, 1lit of green tea and instant noodles. My initial plan to walk around Adelaide went vanished. The heat was unbearable.
That's why I don't really like Australia.
The food is costly.
There are nothing much for me to see and figure out *I suppose there are more beautiful entertaining places out there
The shopping is just out of my budget *haha* and they close so early
The weather does not help either

The park with a tower clock, opposite Hilton hotel

The cheerful train :)

The street *man, this is just around the supermarket haha

Our New Year Eve's dinner at Taste of Spice
We all received a paper crown *haha
L-R: Patsy, Charmaine, me
What happened for countdown?
Hihi... I was in my dreamland smooching some cute guys *hahahaa...kiddin' to London tomorrow. Cya again next week.


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