Wednesday, January 16, 2008


After coming back to Singapore a day early from London, I had another stand-by. This time round, I was called-up to do Denpasar again *aiyoo...

The thing is that I dislike coming back a day earlier, lost a day of my London allowance, had a stand-by and got a Denpasar flight for it.... means I have to work when I initially did not have to, and still receive a lower allowance in total.

But anyway, the flight was fine. VJ May and Choy were in my zone... I attended to them *haha. Not bad for a starting heh!

After that, I had to 'pax' to Christchurch with my whole set of crew. Meaning that I do not have to operate on that particular flight (I am a passenger lar). We operated on our way back to Singapore. Nice...Love it. I watched 5 movies on board, listened to my own playlist, ate lotsa food and snacks haha but just couldn't sleep on board.

We reached the hotel at around 11.15am. At 12noon, the three of us gathered to start exploring Christchurch 'The Garden City of the World', New Zealand. We stayed at the city centre, just next to the Cathedral Square.

Our first stop: Bridge of Remembrance
We just happened to bump into this while searching for a makan place,
but since everything is dearly expensive...
in the end the guys went to KFC *hahaha

I only bought a bottle of mineral water *been eating too much on board
How much? This one cost me $3 *doenk............

The well-known Cathedral

The buildings surrounding the Cathedral Square
Actually I was here around 10 years ago, but at that time it was winter
and now it's super super warm

See... even a bird wants to be on top of the 'world'

I finally found the hotel where we stayed 10 years ago. It's at the other side of the Cathedral Square, a block away :)

The view from my hotel room at around 3pm

The view at around 9pm

The view at 10pm
Christchurch is a quiet, peaceful city, I have to admit. Sits at around 45K hectares with over 350K population, the city offers more of natural beauty and water-sports activities. The next time I am there, I might go to the Arts museum or simply to their beaches. Water sports?? tempting and simply irresistible. I'd love to try the sky-diving and test my adrenaline. But maybe one day when I have more time to let my adrenaline sinks too... otherwise, I can't operate *haha
Wowkay... I am leaving for Hong Kong - San Fransisco tomorrow. Cya soon Pheebs!
Hopefully I survive the 'dreadful' flights. The crew had wished me luck every time I mentioned this flight ;)


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