Tuesday, January 08, 2008 here I come

Let's see wazzup with the beginning of 2008?

  1. Countdown was done in dreamland. I was too bored and tired to wait for the celebration, I ended sleeping at 11pm. Venue: Adelaide. Weather: HOT

  2. I bought myself a new cargo bag from Samsonite for my long-haul flight (discount applicable haha). Apparently the crew said mine is still pretty small and inadequate for some flights (read: shopping spree)

  3. I had my first announcement on board for my Jakarta turn-around flight. Seriously, it was much easier than Denpasar flight..but still..it's too short for our long list of duties. Owh...I met my uni friend on board *hehe...my name is just too unique I suppose

  4. In the end, a passenger's smile makes it all worthwhile. Can't agree no more! Note: be a kind and understanding customer k :)

  5. People keep asking and telling me about my hair-style. I'll just take it as a compliment then. It's low-maintenance (except that I have to trim my fringe at least twice a month), easy to style and most importantly... I don't have to wake up early to 'bun up' my hair

  6. Went back to London after 11.5 years. The architecture kinda reminds me of Ukraine, I think it must be that European touch. Still expensive and conservative.

  7. Those were longggg 12-13 hours flights and tough. We didn't have time to relax, sit down or chat. Noodles, sandwich, beers, water, chips, etc... although we've just done a couple of rounds of drinks and so on. Sorry people... but sometimes it's just too much to bear.

  8. I find it really really hard to smile... after working for over 7 hours... over demanding inconsiderate pax... and some attitude probs *ck ck ck... I was simply to tired of all those. Definitely a lesson learnt for an amateur like me.

  9. Had my first long flight with highest allowance thus far. I was meant to arrive back on Tuesday, but I got called-up and here I am...back in Spore on Monday. A day earlier... lesser allowance... and now I have another stand-by rostered *huhu

  10. Thank God I have great supervisors and colleagues so far. Keep blessing me throughout my whole journey please...

  11. Went to Oxford Street in London for some shopping. I've been pretty good at managing my spending thus far. I spent less than 75pounds in total, while another friend spent over 60pounds in Primark itself *the funny thing is... she only exchanged 100SGD which is equivalent to around 33 pounds hahaha

  12. I had my first breakfast at the hotel. And also the first time I had breakfast with my ward leader (so-called my team leader who's responsible to assess and supervise me throughout my career)

  13. I saw Jackie Cheung at Changi Airport *wahahaha... He looks decent, clean and yummy. But unfortunately, he is not so tall *sigh

  14. In need of masseur and an assistant to run my errands.

  15. Therefore, WANTED: A masseur or taxi driver as best friends *hihihi

Here is where we contributed to UK's economy :)


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