Sunday, November 11, 2007

stardust - tristan

What a lucky 'star' - Claire Danes!!

I wish I was her for sure (and certainly so for many girls out there)!

Charlie Cox (Tristan) is surely the man in Stardust. He has won accolades from the critics for his acting, a new top-actor-to-be from UK. With his skills and looks, getting to the top won't be that far away. Geez..I like his 'boyish cuteness' yet he still looks man enough. Blame it to those sexy lips and locking gazes.

Darn....simply irresistible and sizzling hot ~

Can you say NO to him, ladies
Maybe I shall consider naming my lil boy 'Tristan' haha

Went to watch Stardust today without knowing what to expect. I didn't even know what the storyline is about. Some friends said it's a great movie. Yanna wanted to watch it too, so while we're loitering at City Square-Johor and couldn't find any better things to do, we decided to watch it.

Worth my every single cent!!

Superb movie! A-must-watch! A fairytale movie across boundaries and age! COOL with CAPITAL!

Seriously peeps...if you have yet to watch it, better go to the nearest cinema NOW! Don't even miss it!

It feels so rejuvenating to watch such a great movie again.... although I came home empty-handed from a supposedly Johor shopping spree ^^

PS: The website is soooo cool. But I wish there're more pictures inside. You can send a star for your friends :)

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