Wednesday, November 21, 2007

man.. i was in the cockpit!

Some people may be sick of it coz they have been sitting there for the past several years of their lives... some even more than half of their lives...

Some people may wish upon the star that one day... that one day they will be the one sitting there proudly....

Some wanting to sit there but can't find the chance... at all

Some loves the sky so much, they go all the way and love being on those seats...

Some waited for a lifetime, and maybe... maybe they can sit there once. Only once.

But me? I am just a lucky girl!

I sat there NOT once, BUT twice. amazing they were!

Up thousands feet above the ground, looking at those super tiny buildings *if possible, and not just lights*. The lights were scattered just like candles that were arranged on that precious Valentine's Day. At times, the clouds emerged and I felt like I was in a dream...floating around.

I looked at the sea that surrounds the city, its beautiful night view, the gorgeous sky that was about to get dark... man, it was truly an experience worth waiting for. And those few minutes were simply too beautiful to describe. Suddenly, we all touched down in Sydney Airport.

But that was not the end.

I was again so lucky...accompanied by friendly Tech Crew, I was seated behind them. Listening to their conversations when it was about to take off from Narita International Airport that evening.

Konbanwa, **11, runway Delta 5 on your left

And the captain enthusiastically introduced me to the foreign screens in front.

This shows the weather. You see the different colours? The red one means....
This is our route later after we take-off because of the wind. We will make a big round, so you can see Narita view at night *hiak hiak....lucky lucky....

Yeah...after waiting for other airlines to take-off, we were ready to go. I gripped my seat firmly, looked determinedly to the front...

I saw the second officer's left hand on the grip, and he pulled it inward... in no time, we were off in the air.

Gosh...once again I entered the wonderland.

Too bad.... duty resumed.

I thanked and bid my farewell... Ganbatte ne Captain, and my cute second officer *hihi

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