Sunday, November 18, 2007

it's cold at nite

Yeah has been tiring for the last few days. Breakfasts in the wee hours of the morning, lunches on board (if we could steal some time off), dinners at somewhere foreign. Not bad yey!

The flights were fine, some lil turbulence here and there but the pax were pretty nice. Not as scary as what I expected albeit the butterflies kept dancing in my belly. But a thing for sure... It's exhausting. Almost like literally walking to and fro Spore - Sydney -Tokyo. Gosh...I need a good masseur, preferably a cute one *haha.

So what's there in Sydney?
- It was not warm as what I expected when I read summer. In the evening, it's quite chilly.
- Hm...arrived at the hotel at around 9pm. Rushed to clean up the make-up and ready to go out. Went to the supermarket to do some shopping *wooow...macadamia biscuits are yummy* and then headed off to grab a dinner. Nothing much left unless you are ready to spend quite an amount or simply go to the fast-food chains. In the end, we found a Korean restaurant and I paid AUD12 for a spicy seafood tou-fu soup with rice. Yummy...but expensive lar!

- Haha... lotsa Japanese and Koreans. I saw them basically everywhere! And if you think Spore is really 'multinational' enough, hm... I seldom hear other languages aside from the normal English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil. But in Sydney, I heard Cantonese, Thai, Indo, Korean, Jap, etc in just a few hours.... so whaddya think?

- Seriously... I should have gone to Sydney for my tertiary education, I think *wahaha.

- Not as fun as my Tokyo trip.... why? Coz it's too short to visit any places. Sorry Lina, Ratna for not calling you gals.

With my buddy, Heny :)

Phew....I flew to Sydney on the day LP has their concert here in Spore. My sis went with her colleagues. Her supervisor won 2 pairs of tix, so she got it for free. Alamak...she had wonderful time, and LP really ROCKED! Thanks that I dont have to feel that bad for not going coz I had work to do anyway.

Anyone wants to be my masseur? ^^ I promise you I am gonna be nice....hehe


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