Sunday, November 04, 2007

input-output weekend

This Saturday is about plus-minus, input-output.

It's all about shopping spree and having fun *yeay yeay..plok plok plok -__-''

and my sweet sin:
accompanied by 2 ol'd friends and a great live-celebrity-band. Yummy...

Owh...we dropped by at Pet House to take a look at those doggies. Cute Pom, Chihuahua, Terrier, etc.... but too expensive for my purse now. Sorry time lar yao!!

And when I reached home, turned on my lappie... I was greeted by many friends *weird weird..haha* but I am happy. Thanks for calling me Mama Phoebe, Lele, Anna, curly Vova, Randi, Erwin, Melda...

Counting down to my first training flight.... 9 days to go!


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