Sunday, November 18, 2007

boo you...

You know what...

I am pissed too when I know that some of my country's creations and cultural things have been 'plagiated', 'copied', 'modified', .... whatever you called it. From Batik, food to even songs.

Some even were literally taken away, just as we said bye-bye to some islands a few years back.

Hey, aren't we supposed to start doing something about it? It's late enough to begin now, but as the saying goes... it's better than never.

However, I can't find solace in knowing some people hate and condemn the acts so much, they start their own 'war'.... virtually, physically or mentally. You know what... it's also time for us to look back into the mirror and judge ourselves harshly. Don't tell me the dramas you watch on your TV was 100% made by our lovely nation (or its people, mind you). Why do they remind me of those dramas I watched from the countries famous of their Sakura and Kimchi?

We AIN'T that innocent either!


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