Monday, November 05, 2007

blabber dee

(Russian for English slank 'Ah, shoot!')

I thought I am supposed to be more attentive towards what I eat and its quantity. Apparently it doesn not work that way.

- Read about low-carb diet. Won't work for me. Simply because I love noodles. Abstaining from rice for weeks is not a problem, but I will miss noodles like crazy.
- Talk about exercising or paying a visit to the gym. Heck NO! I dislike gym, I hate those machines, I despise looking at the walls while buring my calories. I prefer my hip-hop dance. Too bad, it's usually on weekdays afternoon. That means I am still stuck at the office.
- So I thought, maybe I can reduce the portion and have dinner earlier. I have breakfast, breaks, lunch and dinner. Not to mention the tidbits and snacks. Does NOT work either, I suppose. Lemme tell you what I had today that made me go 'ugh':
Life goes on anyway! stop being so shallow Dee!


Ah... it's funny how life turns to be. I met Andy only a few times, but seriously I can't even remember when else I met him except for our AIESEC Spore MC 06/07 Bonding Day. He was the facilitator for 9 of us. We didn't even talk much. I knew him as Sharon's mentor, a DHL trainee and a great and experienced @er for sure. He worked in DHL Asia Pacific (Spore based) but now he's transferred to Japan.

Guess what? I didn't expect to receive his email responds when I updated my Ukraine's internship experience. He replied positively... and prompt too (I can imagine someone who works as Ast. CEO as a super duper busy with no-life person *hahahaha..peace). So, we were exchanging emails back then.

Now, he happens to know I am gonna fly to Tokyo and would love to meet up for a coffee. Definitely Andy! I'd love to. But I am so sorry again *same as Won*, my schedule does not allow me to go to Tokyo but lock myself at Narita. So, hopefully next time I have a longer stay and I can meet you up.

The point is... I am just grateful to have someone like him in my life. Someone who does not have to be physically near you, but just the thought itself is enough. He said he had a dream after knowing that I'm going to Tokyo. We met up at the airport somewhere *haha..we don't even know where it is* with some @ers. Funnily, he only recognizes me. LOL.

Thanks Andy. You bring a totally new meaning to friendship.

Have fun there.... enjoy life.

Ki wo tsukete!


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